June 04, 2014


World Cup x Cloth Competition

From the Hand of God to Gazza's tears, the Cruyff turn, Zizou's headbutt and those pesky Vuvuzelas the 12th June 2014 marks the beginning of another World Cup. This time hosted in the birthplace of famous Green & Yellow - Brazil. As tension reaches fever pitch through-out the tournament we'll also be giving you the chance to win a host of great prizes from Cloth;

Duration of Competition?
- 12th June - 13th July

- We're offering up 5 generous weekly prizes for the duration of the tournament, they're all ACE!

How do I enter?
- Entries will be taken via our Social Media pages each week. So you must follow us on either one of our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages.

How does it work?
- Starting Thursday the 12th June a World Cup related trivia question will be posted to our social media pages each week.
- Simply reply with your answer using the hastag #clothworldcup and re-tweet, share and/or regram the image to validate your entry.
- All correct answers will be entered into a draw and the winner for that weeks prize will be chosen at random and notified the following day.

Who is Eligible?
- Participants must be a follower of either our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages.
- A maximum of 3 entries per participant will be accepted for each weekly draw.

Get Following!
- Twitter : @bycloth
- Instagram : @bycloth
- hashtag #clothworldcup

Good Luck!



March 18, 2015

Great idea for a post, and Tommy is the perfect exalpme of this! I’ve always been inspired by the images in her blog (though I find myself taking inspiration more from her feminine things), and now guys can get loads of inspiration from her outfits on here.


March 16, 2015

I just finished your book and I loved it. That is extalcy what I was looking for. I am an aspiring designer who needs to learn how to go from concept to production. Your book outlines each and every step in a fun and easy to read format. It was inspiring. I feel like I really can make my dream a reality. When I first received the book I initially thought that it was small for the price, but I was wrong. The wealth of information from illustrations, photography, resources and your 25 years of experience makes the price well worth it.The only thing that I would like to have seen was an example of a line sheet. Is a line sheet a sketch of your product line or photos?The little gift and wrapping was a nice touch too. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.


March 15, 2015

AWWW!! you are in my hometown hope you are hinvag a lovely time!! in my personal opinion, i think people underestimate the wonder that is kentucky, so i’m thrilled you get to experience all the wonderful things that make up louisville. p.s. i love your blog. -Kellie

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